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In 2017, our law firm has made a new commitment to the families of our country. Our new goal is to try and help as many families as possible, fight the injustice of CPS and DCFS.

In order to do this and help more families from now on, we are cutting our fees and offering more affordable packages to families. Our services will no longer be just for the well to do.

Select one of our four specially priced packages and call us at 888-888-6582.

Our GOLD package

  • 50 minute consultation with me, about your family and your case (A $475.00 value);
  • A hard copy of my book shipped and emailed to you, “The SECRET: How to Fight CPS & WIN”, (A $25.00 value);
  • A copy of my Fight CPS Seminar, for parents and relatives on DVD, shipped to you (A $450.00 value)
  • A copy of my Fight CPS Seminar shipped to you on audio CD (A $250.00 value)
  • A copy of my soon to be released DVD, “How To Testify in CPS Court”. (A $1000 value)

A total of value of $2,200.00, for one payment of $499.00; or two monthly payments of $275.00.

Educate your self about the biggest and most important legal battle of your life. The fight for your family.

Call us now and order 888-888-6582!

Our PLATINUM package:

  •  Everything in our GOLD package, a $2,200.00 value,


  • An full case review by CPS defender and civil rights trial lawyer, me, Vince Davis. I will review the case from two important perspectives. First, I will analyze how to get your children back into your home as fast as possible. Second, I will evaluate if and how you may sue the social worker for violating your state and federal civil rights. (A total value of $3,500.00)

You’ll provide the court minute orders and the social worker reports. As a free bonus I will show you how to get those orders and reports for free within a couple of days. (A value of $500.00)

A total value of $6,200.00 for the one time discounted payment of $1,699.00; or two monthly payments of $950.00.

This is the most important legal battle you’ll ever be in. You must fight for your family.

Call us now and order 888-888-6582.

Our DIAMOND package:

  • A. Everything in our PLATINUM plan, a $6,200.00 value,


  • B. a written report from me, trial lawyer Vince Davis, on how to prepare to win your next court hearing (A value of of $3,500.00)

A total value of $9,700.00, for a one time payment of $2,499.00, or two payments of $1,499.00.

This is a battle for your family. It is possible that the social worker may not be treating fairly. Educate your self about the biggest and most important legal battle you’ll ever be in.

Fight for your family, Call us now and order 888-888-6582!

Our TITANIUM package:

  • Everything in our Diamond plan, (A total value of $9,700.00)


  • Full representation of you in the juvenile dependency CPS courtroom. Depending on the type of case, we usually charge initial retainers from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00, and $375 to $500 per hour. We will evaluate you case, and give you a 35% discount on our normal fees.
    (A total value which could be in excess of $16,000.00)

Call us now, 888-888-6582. You can’t afford to waste any time.


Vince Davis
CPS Fighter & Trial Lawyer


PS: I personally have over 30 years experience as a lawyer in California. And my grandma was right: Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats real life experience. The difference between a 30 year attorney, and a 15 year attorney, is the difference between night and day. It could be the difference in winning and losing. It could be the difference between taking back your children, or losing them to an adoption with a strange foster parent. Who do you really want working on your case?

PSS: I am a graduate of the prestigious and world renowned Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, in Dubois Wyoming. And I believe I’m the only private CPS and DCFS defense lawyer in California, that can say that.

I’m the only CPS court fighter who is a graduate, in the entire country, of the prestigious and cutting edge trial training schools: Trojan Horse Method, Trojan Horse Mastery and Trojan Horse Criminal Method. You want and need me in your corner.

PSSS: Look at videos of client testimonials and listen to my Fight CPS Radio Show at

Call me now! 888-888-6582. Allow me to help save your family from the clutches of CPS & DCFS.

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