So-called “Mandated Reporters” are teachers, school nurses, counselors & school guidance counselors, doctors, and others, who mistakenly believe that their state laws require that whenever they suspect any evidence of possible child abuse (even if they are not sure), that they must make a report to CPS in most counties or to DCFS in Los Angeles County.

But that is NOT how the California Law is written! “Mandated Reporters” learn of laws from their school district newsletter or perhaps in a presentation by a visiting CPS worker in an auditorium setting where misleading details are presented – often because of an underlying agenda of the culture of these CPS agencies.

The California law printed below actually gives mandated reporters a choice of institutions to which they can report. You can make your report to police, sheriffs, probation departments, or child welfare agencies.

Here is the section of the California State Mandated Reporter Law regarding whom one should report.

California Penal Code Section 11165.9

11165.9. Reports of suspected child abuse or neglect shall be made by mandated reporters, or in the case of reports pursuant to Section 11166.05, may be made, to any police department or sheriff’s department, not including a school district police or security department, county probation department, if designated by the county to receive mandated reports, or the county welfare department. Any of those agencies shall accept a report of suspected child abuse or neglect whether offered by a mandated reporter or another person, or referred by another agency, even if the agency to whom the report is being made lacks subject matter or geographical jurisdiction to investigate the reported case, unless the agency can immediately electronically transfer the call to an agency with proper jurisdiction. When an agency takes a report about a case of suspected child abuse or neglect in which that agency lacks jurisdiction, the agency shall immediately refer the case by telephone, fax, or electronic transmission to an agency with proper jurisdiction. Agencies that are required to receive reports of suspected child abuse or neglect may not refuse to accept a report of suspected child abuse or neglect from a mandated reporter or another person unless otherwise authorized pursuant to this section, and shall maintain a record of all reports received.

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